FREE web site info




Thanks for coming to this page.


so you want a free web site on my server?


Ok! this how you do it.


1. E-mail me at this address

2. in the subject field put

free web site offer


when I get your site up and running (in about a week or 2)

 you will have


1. a 5 meg site

2. a ftp login to your site (your own password)

3. a address something like this (your name here)

(nice address huh?)

note: you can go to to get a better redirect

address that goes to your site.


or you can go to to get a

address like mine.


by the way here are some sample web sites, you can make your own

or have me put one together from one of those samples.



if you need more space then 5 megs, all you

have to do is e-mail me at

and in the subject field put

add more space


then I well have you add a banner or

a water mark to your web site

to get an extra 5 megs to total up to

10 megs

and if you add both you can get a

total of 20 megs.


Here are the banners, and water marks,

remember to put them on your index.html page,

your home.html page, or the first page your site loads.

(psst. I do not mine if your index page

has the banner then have a refresh to index2.html

as long as the main index page shows for a

minimum of 10 seconds and a max of

60 seconds click here to see what I mean.)


here are the banners

(you need only one)

(include in your e-mail what banner

you want (gif file name)).


















here are the water marks

(you need only one)

(include in your e-mail what water mark color

you want).






here is a nice deal, how would you like to be listed at the top

of the site directory list?

if you put both the banner and water mark on your main page

then you will be placed at the top of the list.


now here is a better deal, I will put you at the top and give

you 5 megs extra FREE if you get 5 of your friends to get

a web site from me. they need to put your name,

e-mail address, and web address

at the bottom of the e-mail to me.

when the fifth person that does this then I'll e-mail you with the good

news about your web space.



here is why I offer FREE web sites.

see I have a site over at

and if you look at it (click here) you will

see that it pops up a banner ad window

and some of THEIR stuff.

with me as your host I only have a banner

or a water mark and that is all that

I have for you to put on your web site.

it is YOUR SITE just have fun

without the banner ad windows and other

stuff that is not yours.

if you agree with me then E-Mail me at

and in subject field put

I agree with you

and send me your feelings.




Have a nice day.